Anna's Pals
Improving the lives of hospitalized children and their families
Did you know that immune compromised children can't leave their homes? Due to their inability to fight germs, they can only travel from their homes to medical appointments.  Anna's Pals would like to create a safe haven for these children and their families.  We would like to provide a platform for those affected to create memories away from a hospital setting. Many of these patients and their siblings suffer from the stress of isolation. The Pal House would be a sterile environment, capable of accomodating the restrictions these children confront. Our plan entails constructing cottages, built with mold and mildew resistant materials, along with air filtration systems, that would help to protect the children from bacteria. This house would allow for much needed time away; a chance to socialize with family and friends.

​We are grateful to all those who have extended a helping hand, in hopes of making the Pal House a reality. Please fill out the attached form, and we will be in touch as the project moves forward.